Friday, 3 April 2015

First day in San Francisco !!

 Heeyyy guys!! How super excited am I!! 
First day in San Francisco is pretty much over :( but it is super cool that's for sure!! I am pretty tired though...a 16 hour flight with no sleep because the girls sitting next to you were on a school trip and talked nonstop the whole way!! But that's okay 

Today we went to the U.S. Hornet museum which was on a old aircraft carrier which was used in both wars which was cool and we did a tour of the ship, the crew sleeping quarters did not look very nice they were very cramped. Our tour went from the bottom 18th story right up to the top in the lookout thingy which you got a awesome view from!! 

In the afternoon we went shopping!! Haha everything over here is soo cheap!! Even after you convert it to NZ dollars like I got a five dollar tshirt and a ten dollar skirt which is super cute by the way and also another top with an owl on it(of course) and a pretty blue dress so I  am very happy!! 
I got some body spray from bath and body works too :) if you ever get the chance do buy some it was recommend to me so I saw it and went in to have a look and oh my gosh it smells soooo goooodddd!!! I couldn't decide on one so I got 3 well it was buy two get one free :) 
They smell soooo good!!! 

We also went to the super market which was very exciting they have soooo much stuff in them!! And they had a whole row just for cereal!! So much to choose from!! I got cinnamon toast crunch which is amazing!! First time trying it and I love it!! It tastes just like French toast I make at home :) 

We had pizza for lunch which was actually very nice!! I surprised myself!!!
But I am soo tired right now so I will leave it here :) 

How are your holidays going??
Hopefully super well!!
Lots of love 
Livvy xoxo  


  1. Hi hun!! So sorry you haven't heard from me in agessss :S
    Oh my goodness you were in SF...oh hun it sounds amazing, and to hear you had such a good time is wonderful <3
    It is also really nice to see how you are enjoying the food side of things too as I know how eating out can be difficult when you have or are recovering from an ED.

    Lots of love and hugs hun! (Oh and by the way hun, does it say on the bblogger thing that I am following you? Because I thought I had pressed "Follow" but there is stil a 0 beside your name? :(
    Keep smiling hun!
    Emmy xXxXxX

  2. Emmy!!! Same here!!!! Yes my trip was great and none of my comments while I was away published either s super sorry about that,!! No I currently have no followers ;) haha but that's okay it's great to know that you do read my blog anyway but it doesn't matter I blog for me even if it is a bit sad at time but that's all good!! :)
    It's great to hear from you. Always get a big smile when I read your comments :)
    Hope you are well!!
    Lots of love
    Livvy xoxox

    1. Don't worry about it hun <3 aww hun, I went to press the "follow" button and it said I was already following you..? Does this not show on yours hun? :(

      Well just know hun I do read your blog and I love it it's so truly amazing hun and you are such a brave, talented and strong girl you deserve every happiness! <3

      Lots of love back to you dear
      Love emmy xxxxx