Saturday, 25 April 2015

Week one of school is done :) and ANZAC day :)

Hiiii guys!!! I hope you are all well!!!! 
Week one out of 11 weeks of term is over!!! And next week I have my French speech :( not looking forward to that :( and today is Anzac Day (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) to remember all the fallen soldiers in the war and today is also the 100th centenary of troops arriving in Gallipoli as well which marks Anzac Day. We are so thankful for all the troops that fought for our country and we will always remember them. 

Anyways this week at school has been pretty cool and fun which I am happy about :) on Tuesday we had our field trip for the extension sciences setting level 2 physics (ahhhhh!!!) if level one isn't going to be hard enough why not skip it and set level 2 instead!! But as we are the only school in yr 11 setting it we got places to visit the university and do experiments and such there. We are doing radioactivity for our physics course so we visited the Rutherfords den there and then studied the display and then got to play I mean carry out experiments on radioactive stuff :) that was super cool we held the $10 000 polonium rods which admitted alpha particles so we were safe unless we ate or licked it :) then we would probably die haha... And at the end as I kind of 'do physics at  university' promotion thing we froze the carrot slices we used to block radiation in one of our things (won't go into detail as it Would bore you :)) with liquid nitrogen and got to pore it over ours hands and then eat the carrot and hold it. My carrot bit froze my hand as I held it in the same spot for too long which hurt a lot but some people put it strait in their mouth and got it stuck to their tongue and were walking around with carrot stuck on their tongue for ten minutes before it defrosted haha that was super funny!!! 

And yesterday for last period for history we went to the airforce museum which was actually really cool but we had barely anytime there so lots of photos of information was taken so I can finish my research for my internal!! 
I haven't visited the museum since school trips when I was tiny years and years ago so it was cool to go back :) not much had changed :)   

How has your week been???
Lots of love 
Livvy xoxo :)

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