Saturday, 25 April 2015

America update San Fransisco part 2

Part 2 :)

Our next couple of days in San Fransisco was spent doing all the touristy stuff like travelling around on the trams ^^ and shopping etc. 
That night we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner these^^ were deep fried macaroni and cheese balls!!! And they were only a starter!! My dad got a plate of them to share as he got told by one of his colleagues that he had to try them so yeah. I was extremely anxious about them as you could imagine Mac and cheese then deep fried in tonnes of oil and butter which shouldn't be a problem as I knew it wouldn't make a difference and all food is good food but still.... Anyways I got away with half a ball and it was actually very good :) I really thought it would taste gross but no it is really good if you like cheese that is :) 
And then of course for dessert we took home some cheesecake mine was the one in the front which got mushed in the car haha and it was banana creme which was soo good :) even if I only managed half a slice. 

The next day on our way out we went to a science museum but I will make anothe post for that as I have lots of cute photos :) 
Lots of love 
Livvy xoxo :) 

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