Saturday, 14 February 2015

Hard day...

Hey guys how are ya?? Hopefully fantastic!!

Toady has been tough but hey I have survived it! Thats what matters.
We went out for breakfast to a cafe, and I ordered scrambled eggs with toast and it came out with bacon as well so nice sufprise I guess, even though it did make me panic a bit. And it was huge!!! So my parents let me off not finishing something this time, few... But I did eat a good amount and was super full afterwards.
After that as we were in town we went into the museum and B ran around it. On our way in there is a big donation box thingy with a sign saying average donation is $5 per person, which is fair enough as otherwise they wouldnt earn anything to keep it running, but a tourist came up and put in $0.10 in and said thats a pretty good donation foro them, and he was so serious like he wasnt kidding he thought it was a great donation and obviously wasnt familiar with NZ coins and my brother and I just burst out laughing as it was sooo funny just the way he did it and then we got a weird look from him and his tourist group which just made us laugh more!!! haha it was great :)
Then it was back home and babysitting my 2yr old brother and then putting him to sleep while R and my parents were out and then out to tea!!!
For tea I had chicken tenders with steamed veges (yes it was off the kids menu but no one needs to know that :) never too old for the kids menu :)) Which was actually very nice!! I was surprised, and the veges had a butter sauce type thing on it and I am proud to say that didnt put me off and it was oh so yummmy!!

Anyways tomorrow is back to school :( and my timetable is history,science, english, french and then art. But  it isnt too bad as it is my only day in my 2 week timeatble that I dont have maths!!! Yayyy!!! And I have history, science and art too which are my fav subjects! But even though I have a good timetable tomorrow I still feel all sick and shaky about it, I wish I ccould just make it go away!! I try so hard and practice my breathing and relaxation exercises every day but it never seems to leave me alone!!! and I have nooo idea what I am going to take for lunch to that I know I will be able to eat so panic mode!! But thats the normal for me on a sunday night, I guess I should be use to it now.

So thank you to all my lovely readers!!!
Lots of love
Livvy xoxo

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