Sunday, 22 February 2015

Four years on, anniversary of the Canterbury Earthquake

Today is the 22nd of February and four years ago today, an 6.3 earthquake struck at 12:51pm killing 185 people and changing the lives of everyone in Christchurch forever.

Four years ago today I experience true terror for the first time. I was only 11. We had an earthquake a year before in September which was a 7.1 but was really deep and in the middle of the night so thankfully there were no fatalities of even any major injuries! The one that struck today four years ago ruined our city and is still waiting to be rebuilt to its former glory.
I was at school in the middle of Orchestra practice when it hit ( I use to play the keyboard/piano). It was at lunch so I had just made my gluten free 2 minute noodles from my little thermos with hot water and set them down on the edge of the stage to cook when it hit, thats just say my noodles when everywhere all over the ground and coating myself and my friend who were hanging on under the desk for our dear lives and 3 weeks later when we returned to school as no one was allowed inside the buildings until they were given the all clear there was some very moldy noodles on the stage floor haha :) It was terrifying. truly scary there is no way to explain it unless you have experienced it, the ones in movies and on tv are soooo fake we just burst out laughing who funny they look. It is like something out of a dream, you dont think it is real it is only after you realise what it is. My friend and I managed to squeeze under a desk which had our keyboards on it and thankfully we did as all the stage lighting, the big heavy black lights and all the cords and stuff that was up there on the roof all came crashing down. None landed on our desk but if they did, the desk would of saved our lives. We were then ushered outside (well not really it was more like run outside as fast as you can) and the feeling is horrible, you dont know what to expect when you step outside and you are praying all the other buildings are all standing and there is no one lying wounded or dead on the ground. Thankfully our school apart from cracking were completely fine.
We sat shivering on the school field for 4 hours waiting anxiously for our Mum to pick us up (as Dad was in Australia for work) Hoping that she would come, I cant imagine what it would be like if they didnt turn up, I felt super sorry for my best friend as we were one of the last people to be picked up and she was still sitting there. Her parents are fine but her mum was trapped in a collapsed building for hours so she was waiting at school until 8pm when a teacher took her home to her place where they made contact with them. Waiting in the poring rain with tears streaming  down you face is not very fun.
Listening to the radio station, hearing all the deaths and collapsed buildings including our cathedral. All through the night, not being able to sleep. No power or water for days, supermarkets closed for weeks and when they did open you can imagine how long the ques were!! And you were only allowed a bottle of water per person and a bottle of milk per person over 18, and there were restrictions on bread and such as well. Our grandparents came ad stayed with us the first few  nights after. Boiling water for 5 minutes before you can drink it and most of the time it was a gross brown yellow colour, cold 30 sec showers having to go to the toilet outside as there was no flushing. Horrible.

Anyways that was my experience, And I would like to say for all those who lost someone, stay strong, I am soo sorry!!! All my love xoxox.

Hope you are all well!!
Lots of love
Livvy xoxox

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