Monday, 13 July 2015

Busy day....

I am so tired. 
Both physically and mentally drained at the moment. I do have stuff to do but they can wait and I can have a rest with my giant warm cup of milky tea :) 

This morning I had a haircut, thank goodness haha.  I liked the length of it but it was so knotty and hard to brush all the time as my hair is pretty frizzy and curly and my fringe was getting so long that it was hard to see haha. 


And after... 
It's a big shorter than I wanted it but if it's easier to manage that's fine with me :) 
Excuse the tennis gear too :) it is freezing outside.  

So after that I went straight to tennis and did my three hours there which is why I look pretty tired in the picture :) 
My mum then asked me to go shopping with her so I went along I didn't get anything though. I am terrible at shopping :) not for me. I like shop but I just don't like spending money haha ??

Tomorrow my friend and her sister and coming over for the day as they are up from Timaru and I haven't seen them in ages!!! So looking forward to that :) 
The only thing is I have to cook lunch, and I always panic before having to eat my own cooking as I don't like knowing what's in it and I don't trust myself that I have done everything right and cooked it properly. Baking is fine but cooking is a different story. 
And if anyone has any ideas what to make which is gluten free (well that's okay because I am too so everything I make is gluten free too) but also dairy free, egg free, sugar free and vegetarian??! What do I make???!! Any ideas will go a long way :) 
Wish me luck :) 

Anyway I hope you are all well :) and having a good holiday (if you are at the moment I know NZ and Australia are) but otherwise just a good day :) 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx :) 

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