Friday, 17 July 2015

Dentist and braces..... :(

Hey guys how are you all?? 

This morning I had to go to the dentist for a check up and got told that I am going to need braces :( because my back teeth have come in too far forward they are overcrowded at the back and have twisted my canine teeth at the front which is why I kinda look like a vampire haha :) but I sort of like them haha but anyway braces... 
We have booked my appointment at the orthodontist and the closest one they have is in the first week of September!! So I still have a good seven weeks. Few. And then it will just st be taking X-rays and moulds etc. so I have so while yet. But still grrrrr annoying teeth !!! 

But afterwards we went out for lunch mch for the last day of the school holidays :( which was very yummy :) 
I had French toast 


And then back home did two hours of English work and painted my nails as we aren't allowed it at school so my last chance in a while :( 
I think they turned out alright :) 

Also tomorrow there is a snow warning!!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!!! Although I dought it will as it hasn't snowed for four years :( but there is hope!!!! 
Sunday night would be great so no school on Monday!!! Haha I am not looking forward to this term as it is exam term :( Ahhh!!!! And this year is the first that it actually counts!!! So no pressure !!! 

Anyway I hope you had a good day :) 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx 


  1. I had to have braces too! I hope you enjoy your last few weeks without braces! They're not that bad actually, I liked having them! I hope you do too!

    Your nails look amazing, you're so clever! Fantastic nail art!

    Hope you enjoy your last few days before school! It's so strange, the schools here are just breaking up for summer holidays, and you're going back to school! Xx

  2. Awww thanks so much :)

    Yeah I hope they aren't soo bad. I am both excited and really nervous at the same time!!
    Thanks again your comments always make my day. :)
    I hope you are well stay strong :) xx
    Lots of love
    Livvy xx