Sunday, 19 July 2015

Back to school :(

I so don't want to be here right now. 
It is freezing at -5 degrees and it is soooo early!! Well it's 7:50 so not that early but yesterday I still would of been asleep. Haha and I am freaking out at the moment, just trying to get through it and not have another anxiety attack as one before school is enough. I don't get why I get so nervous before school. I mean it's just school!!! But anyway I do. That's just me, got to live with it :) 
Ahh my hands are numb haha. And I am early so it is always sooo awkward sitting in the corridor with the four other early nerdy kids like me :) so everyone just pretends to go on there phone haha and it's so quiet that you can hear yourself breathe and a single moment sounds very loud!!! Haha oh well my friends will be here soon... Hopefully;)

If you are at school at the moment when do you go back ? If you were on holiday in the first place that is :) 
Or if you are at home resting or in hospital just know that is what is best for you right now as school and work will add soo much more stress into your life which you don't need right now as I know how difficult it is but know that you will and can get through it even though it is extremely tough right now. Just focus on recovery as your health is much more important:) stay strong :) xx 

Today I will be getting my French internal back... It was speaking and worth 5 credits which is a lot!! And I am not very confidant on the result that's for sure!!  But as long as I pass that's okay as French is not my strong point. Oh and I'll get my history essays back too which is exciting as I like history and I'm good at it so quietly confident on them :) fingers crossed!! 

Anyways I hope you have a good day!!! 
Ahhh I am so panicky :( but just breathe!! 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

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  1. -5 degrees gosh that's sooo cold!!! I hope you can write up and keep nice and warm somehow!

    I'm so sorry you already had an anxiety attack, I hope you don't get another one before school. The schools here finished for their holidays on Friday! So there are kids around everywhere for 6 weeks and I will hide in my house because they scare me!!!

    Good luck with getting your French internal and history essays back. I'm sure you'll have done really well!

    Keep breathing lovely, you'll be ok! xx