Monday, 3 August 2015

Ballet exam Ahhh!!!

On Friday I set my grade 8 ballet exam. It was definitely one of the most terrifying things I have ever done but I survived and without too much panick so that was awesome :) :)   
Scariest exam yet I think as it was just four dances and you had to pass all of them to  pass the exam so hopefully I passed. Well I think I did anyway haha fingers crossed:) 
And you were the only person in the room except for the pianist and examiner so freaky :) 
So I will get my results in about a months time!! Excited. 
I don't think it went super great but not terrible either so I hope I did okay as it is a hard exam so yeah :) I mean I didn't fall or wobble (except for one tiny one :)) and ran the right way in all my dances as it was in a different studio so yeah :) 

And then I went out for dinner with s couple of my ballet friends so two scary things in one day but I survived. I know i can to these things just need to believe in my self and just breathe!!!! 
I had so much hair gel in as well it's ballet but it stayed in well!!! 

Hope all is well 
Lots of love
Livvy xx 

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  1. Wow you're a dancer! I bet you dance beautifully! Well done for doing two scary things in one day! You're a tough little fighter! All the best xoxox