Sunday, 30 August 2015

End of the week :)

Hi everyone:) 

I know I'm not really getting better at blogging weekly haha. I'm sorry for that :) 
This week I haven't been feeling the best as I have a cold and have completely lost my voice which is fun.. And I have had an history internal which went over the whole week so I had to be at school everyday even though I really didn't feel like it :( 
But today I'm at school nice and early to hand it in before 8 and then I can forget about it for a month or so before I get my results back ! I'm not expecting anything fantastic as we didn't get told what to do so we were kinda just guessing it... We got told write a report on the little rock nine. That's it!! So yeah.... 

And ballet tonight yay!!!! I have been doing it 3 nights a week and I reaallllllyyyyy enjoy doing it the extra night :) so that's exciting!!!

I have french first though.... My fav not!!!! And I haven't finished my writing portfolio thingys so they also need to be done bug I find it so difficult as my teacher doesn't explain it enough and which tense to use where etc. so I find it really hard but yeah I'm not taking it next year so as long as I pass it! Haha !!!! 

Anyways some pics of my last week...
Went out for a friends birthday:) and the whole morning we spent buying the present above :) 

And it's only 2 weeks until mock exams!!!!  Ahhhhhh!!!!! Even though they are mocks they are still really important as if you miss your actual exam in term four you use those results so important!!!! 

Anyway I hope everyone is well!!!!
Lots of love 
Livvy xx :) 

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