Sunday, 9 August 2015


Hello everyone :) 

I'm really sorry that I haven't been the best blogger ever lately at all. I haven't been feeling like myself in the way that I am really stressed with about a million tonnes of school work and other stuff so yeah.  Sorry anyways another week another new start :) 

I think I'll just post a whole bunch of pictures from over the last week or so as that will explain more? Maybe haha ??

It was finally warm enough to wear my skirt to tennis yay!!! But it was a one off day :) 
I made cookie dough cupcakes :) 
Recipe will be up later :) :) 
Also made a lemon tart 
Recipe will also be up later :) 
I went to a cafe with my dad and little brother and got an adorable chocolate duck :) and a hot chocolate. It was from this awesome chocolate shop where the hot chocolates are literally half w cup of melted chocolate and the rest warm milk soooo good!!!! And you can choose what chocolate etc!!!!
And it started snowing while we were at the mall!!!!!!! Ahhhhh soooooo coollllllll!!!! It hasn't snowed for four years!!!!!! But it only lasted five minutes and didn't settle by hey we got snow!! Even be very temporary!! 
My family knows how badly I want it to snow!!!! So do my friends so when it did u hit about a billion texts saying SNOW!!! Haha I hoped it would snow more over night then I could open my curtains and see white everywhere and then dress up super cosy and then listen to the radio where it will say 'schools are closed due to the current weather' and we would have the day off to play in it :D but it didn't 
And I will be going to school in about an hour :( haha 

Sooooo exciting!!!!!!!! 

And then I straintened my hair ready for school :) I haven't straitened my hair in ageeessss so it felt dupe weird and long :) oh and excuse the awful picture haha dressed up in my thermals for bed :) as it gets soo cold over night!!! Anywhere from   -3 to -6 so freezing!!!! And yet it won't snow!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! 

Anyways I'm off to school now :) 
Have a  nice day 
Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

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  1. Wow it's so cold with you! I hope you do get to experience some snow! That would be so cool for you! You look so lovely in these photos! Take care, enjoy school! Xox