Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Exams :/

Hey guys how is everyone? 
Well I hope :) 

I am so stressed and anxiety is through the roof at the moment all because of lovely exams haha yay... 
They are my first real exams so they are all four hours long and today was my science exam which I think j had almost over prepared for. As I finished with about   30 minutes to spare and lots of people after were complaining on how the ran out of time and didn't finish the second paper which I find hardto believe as I almost found it easy so I hope that's a good thing :) 

Sorry guys this post has been sitting here for a week now as I start one before my exam so I run out of time before I go in or my friend turns up in panick not understanding something before her exam or I'm the one panicking ;) haha but that's normal so I have heaps of just started posts :) so sorry about that I'll just add them all together:) 

So the first bit was written on Tuesday and now it's Sunday so only one more week of exams!! So I have 5 to go :( 2 back to back tomorrow of math then history both three hours so tomorrow night I will be soooo tired!!! Art in Tuesday so that will be fun as it's just three hours of painting!! Not really an exam but it counts as one so yay! And then my CAT (Cambridge algebra something...) and Cambridge math exams on Thursday!! That won't be fun at all but anyway I have to do them!! 

So for now and the rest of the week it is studying yay... But I have exam leave so I dont have school in between which is awesome!! Kinda. 

My wee study buddy :) :) 

Haha I love him to pieces but coming and sitting right on top of my work on multiple occasions...hmm.. But no it's cute and I get to spend extra time with him which I don't normally as I'm at school. We will both do it tough when I go back :( but still lots of time for cuddles when I get home :) 
Cuddling my at the moment pencil case.. A plastic bag. Because apparently no one can be trusted with a normal one as you can hide stuff in it which is fair enough I guess, do you guys have to do that as well? We have to have clear drink bottles as well, my friends black one got taken off her even though it was full of water so I think if there was notes in there it would be very wet... And they check our arms as we walk in so no cheating here not that I would dare to anyway, I would rather fail. Which I'm pretty sure will happen in math tomorrow... I'm in Cambridge math which is like the extension class and we are doing the normal NCEA exam tomorrow so we haven't learnt anything in it but it's easier than Cambridge so I should hopefully figure it out.... Probs not but I'll see how it goes... And then history which I've got sorted but it's like they put the two I wouldn't want together together as there is so much dates and formulas as stuff to remember!!! Anyway I should get back to studying for tomorrow!!! 

Lots of love 
Livvy xx 

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