Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Sorry guys it has been ages!!!! 
Long story short I have had three major assessments/projects which were all due this morning at 9 am!!! 
This was half of my history project 72 pages of writing!!!! The plus a commemorative booklet as well at another 25 pages!! Few I am so glad they are all over!!! My fingers are sore from so much typing!! Haha 
Also I had our school open night which was super nervous but super fun!!!! 
Today I just finished doing three hours of cardio and tennis so I'm really happy!!! Yay! But it was only 5 degrees so my hands were completely numb and it was super hard to play as I could only move my fingers slowly hhaha!! 
Today I had a really awkward French lesson! We are doing interactions next week so we had a lesson on just practising with our partners and we could sit anywhere so my friend and I sat at the front of the class learning against the wall with the White board on it and half way through the lesson our teacher began talking to the class and talked for the rest of the lesson without realising that we were sitting there and she had already told people off for moving so we didn't want to risk it and we couldn't really get up so she just talked and talked without realising!! Until she stepped backwards and tripped on us haha! But she found it funny too so it was okay!  
This was afternoon tea I made yesterday for the four of us as my our family friends can over 
I was pretty happy with myself. Well it was easy to make big I ate a bit of all of it so I'm happy!! I made the lollycake yesterday. Do you guys have lollycake overseas?? I heard recently that it was a New Zealand thing which I didn't know! Over here you can pretty much buy it at every cafe so that was a shock! But if you haven't had it you should!!!! It's soooo good!! I will post the recipe up soon probs tomorrow after school!! 
So let me know if you have had it!! 

Lots of love Livvy
Xoxo :) 

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  1. I've never heard of lollycake...it sounds intriguing! X