Monday, 2 March 2015


Today has been a interesting day today. The Prime minster John Key came to talk to us in assembly and to give our school with a.. haha my mind has gone blank and i cant think of the right word, but it is like a certificate thingy that he receives each time he is voted as Prime minister ( hopefully someone can remind me what it is called!!!) which was a great honor as he was a past pupil of my school so yeah. It was cool seeing him in real life for the first time, and he gave us a interesting speech about how to stay strong even in tough times and spoke about how his family had to cope after his dad passed away when he was six, and his aunties and family in world war 2 going in Concentration camps as his mums side were part Jewish and lived in Austrus which was invaded etc. which was actually really interesting. The assembly wasnt very long only about 30min so I dint miss my whole history lesson :( haha, but I wouldnt of minded if he talked for longer as I actually enjoyed it when some found it quite boring, but I liked it!!

I handed in my first internal assessment on Friday which was my sculpture for art which I put alot of hard work into and it is worth 4 credits I think so hopefully I got excellence or merit creadits for it. We will get our marks hopefully by the end of the week and i am soo nervous!!

So this is it....

I know it could be better, but I am still proud of it! The bookcase took me ages!! over 50 tiny little separate books to make!!!

And then I had tennis which was super fun as normal!! I love exercise and tennis and ballet!!!

Anyways I hope you had a good day too!!
Lots of love
Livvy xoxoxox!!

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