Thursday, 26 March 2015

Long time no see...

Hi guys!! Sorry I know I am not really blogging ver well at the moment :(
I have just been soooo busy it is not funny!! Haha this is being written at 10 pm and I should be asleep but I felt I needed to tell you that I am not giving up on blogging quite yet!! So I will make a better written post a bit later af school tomorrow when. Hopefully I have no work!

Anyways where to start? I had ,y tennis final on saturday in which my team won and came first in our division so yay a Canterbury rep winner :) exciting! It was so intense and close, we were winning 3-2 matchs already so if we won our doubles we would win and if they won the doubles they could of won (depending score difference etc ect) and our game went to tie brake which is 8-8 so we did a tie braker and we won 7-4!!! Haha it felt awesome especially as everyone and all the parents were watching us play :) super fun!!
I had my maths internal in which I got a merit.... Which is okay I guess but I was soooo stupid as I was running out of time so I quickly typed all the numbers into my calculator and missed off the end number to be taken off so I had all the working and even the last equation right bt I missed one number off n my calculator so he couldn't mark it right so I couldn't get a excellence which sucks as i did it all right!! So tomorrow I have a re-sit for that exam in which I hope to get excellence on asi know I can, and more than half of my class are doing it as well s I don't feel as bad :) but grrrr one number,and I would of got 100% on my paper!!
I also had my science internal and my history essay exam thingy and today I did my speech!! Ahhhh sooooo happppyyy I did it ALL without panicking!! Well I was but I didnt leave the room with a panick attack crying whic happened last yar with a presentation I had to do, and I didn't muck up and it all went super well!! I am soooo happy like my biggest fears ever and I was okay, I got through it!? And seeings what has happened before I did super well!! I am sooo proud of myself at the moment, I have come sooo far ei my anxiety!! :D  I was sooo nervous though and I felt sick and I was shaking hard out! I am pretty sure everyone could see my kilt moving my legs were shaking so hard ;) but I got told you couldn't few... And my hands were too so I kept moving them so try and hide it and they got counted as hand gestures hahhaha!! So that worked out well!! Hahah! Super happy!! Best speech I have ever done! And I made it super long as I thought I would speak super fast but I didnt so I spoke for 5:30 minutes... Oops... Only 2 minutes too long ;) so again super happy!! And lots of people spoke for longer ahhhh sorry I am going on and on... But I am just so proud!!

Tomorrow is a mufti day... I really don't like them... Everyone judges you n what you wear and I would rather just wear my uniform where everyone is the same. Everyone where's there best clothes and dresses etc. which I find stupid to wear to school especially when we have science practivles and art when we are panting so I don't know.. But anyone hopefully I look okay ish, enou not to be judged  jeans and a tshirt I think :) anyway who cares?!

Sorry I haven't been on lately but I will be back to normal now as things have settled down a bit at school! This time next week. Will be in a plane to America sooooo excited ahhhh!!!
Anyway, I hope you guys are all well!!

Lots of love
Livvy xoxoxo :)

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