Friday, 13 March 2015

Heyyy guyssss

Hey, I am sorry for  being distance at the moment. Sooo much stuff going on  at the moment.
Friend things which I could just do without, not involving me but it means they are too busy to notice me at the moment as they are too busy 'gossiping' so I fell a bit lonely and left out even though I dont want to get involved, saying mean things behind peoples backs are not my thing.
And then I have a lot of study to do. I think the teachers all get together and secretly plan to have all our internals and tests at the same time. It always feels like that, we have huge gaps where all we have is a bit of homework then all at once every teacher sets a test or decides to have our internals all at the same time. On Monday I have a history essay under exam conditions, Tuesday my art internal is due, Thursday I have my math number internal and Friday I have my science informative test!!! Ahhh, and I have to study for all of them as we cant take anything in, which is understandable, but sometimes you get lucky and you can take a sheet with notes and dates etc.
On top of that I manage to get sick. Seriously the wrong time to be sick. Its nothing serious just a coldy virus thing which seems like everyone at school has at the moment, but I still feel terrible. Normally I would be off school but I havent been able to as you cant be off school before the lead up or on a test, unless you get a thingy from the hospital to say you physically cant be at school and then you have to go through all this stuff form the NCEA coordinator etc. which takes ages and you get not achieves and miss out on those credits etc. which I cant be bothered going through. So I am exhausted, and havent been able to recover probably.

So yeah too much stuff all at once.

But good news! (well for me anyway) Today is my brothers birthdday party as his Bday is on Tuesday annnnndddd I ate four pieces of pizza!!! Yayyy!!! And I dont feel guilty about it either so I am super happy!!! This time last year I couldnt of done it!!! Yay!!

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well!! And not super tired and stressed like me :)
Lots of love
Livvy xoxo

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