Monday, 2 March 2015

My Birthday!!!

Heyyy guys!!!!!!!!!! Sorry it has been sooo long!! Anyways it was my birthday 3 days ago on the 28th of Feb, another year older and a big 15 year old now. Yay!!! My parents spoilt me and bought me an iphone 5s for my birthday as my old phone took ten minutes to send and text and couldnt make or receive calls, so it was time for a new phone, although I did love my little one but I love my big new one too!! So there should be better quality photos from now on!! I also got a mug with little cats on it, a fondant mold and various pink fondant to go in it (cant wait to try it out!!!), a dvd of the third season of my series I am watching, chocolate from B and socks from R haha!! So I am super happy as I wasnt expecting anything other than a phone!!
My day started off good, my Mum made eggs for breakfast and then I had interclub tennis, which I won my doubles by tiebreak 9-8 and my singles 9-6!! Yay two wins!!
Next back home where I quickly had a shower as I was all sweaty from tennis as it decided to be really hot at 28 degrees!! My Gran and Nana came over for a bit (as my Poppa does bus tours so he was down in Queenstown and Aoraki (mount Cook), he called me that morning which was super nice as he couldnt be there, and my grandpa has althimzers so he is in a home :( and he doesnt know who I am anymore either :( ) So they came over and gave me a piping bag and some money to go towards when we go to America in the holidays! ( I was super lucky this year!!! and sooooo excited for America!!)
Then my friends came around and we watched a movie ( The Giver) and had pizza for tea which was really nice!!

So that was my busy birthday but it was lots of fun!!

It is sad to think that last year on my birthday I was soo full with anxiety I couldnt keep my breakfast down before school, At school I went strait to the councilor (as I normally did then) had a massive anxiety attack and couldnt breathe and was so shaky and dizzy I could barely stand and my eyes were stained red from crying so my mum had to pick me up so I spent my Bday locked away in my room too terrified to come out. I am sooo happy this year is different, I dont think I would of coped much longer in the skinny anxious wreck I was last year. I am soooo proud of how far I have come and I know my parents are too, even though I am not there yet I can cope soo much better now!!

Not my cake, but it looks really good!!

Anyways that was my big day turning 15

Hope you are well!!
Lots of love Livvy!! xoxoxo
:) xoxo


  1. <3 Happy birthday Livvy! Glad you had a good day <3 xxxx

  2. Awww thank you Emmy!!! I love getting comments from you, it makes my day!!!
    Lots of love
    Livvy xoxo